5 unknown benefits of Rudraksha highlighted by science


5 unknown benefits of Rudraksha highlighted by science

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The scientific name of Rudraksha beads is Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. The literal meaning of Rudraksha beads is “ Rudra = Shiva and Aksha = tear drops”.


According to Shiv Puran, Lord Shiva performed very hard penance consistently for thousands of years. When he came to his senses, he opened his eyes and due to tiredness few drops of tears came out of his eyes, when tear drops fell to the ground, Mother nature transformed them to seeds which later on grew to Rudraksha trees.


Another ancient story comes from the religious Devi Bhagwat Puran. It says,  “there was a demon named Tripurasur who was very cruel and brutally harmed the people on earth. He was very strong and had divine powers due to the blessings of  Lord Ganesha. Being fed up with the demon, Brahma, Vishnu and other dietes prayed to Lord Shiva for the end of demon Tripurasur. For the destruction of Tripurasur, Lord Shiva went for a deep penance of thousands of years with half closed eyes( Ardha Nimeelita Netra). Upon completion of penance, he opened his eyes and burnt the demon Tripurasur. Due to fatigue and tiredness, some tear drops fell from his eyes. When these drops reached ground, they were converted into Rudraksha trees.


Another legend quotes the fact that when the divine consort of Lord Shiva, Sati died, Lord Shiva was very upset and started crying. He was moving on different parts of Earth. The places wherever his tears fell, the Rudraksha tree was born.



Rudraksha beads are classified based on their faces (vertical lines of furrows).

15 types of Rudrakshas  are explained below:

  • Ek Mukhi(1 faced)
  • Dwi Mukhi(2 faced)
  • Tri Mukhi(3 faced)
  • Chatur Mukhi(4 faced)
  • Panch Mukhi (5 faced)
  • Shan Mukhi (6 faced)
  • Sapta Mukhi(7 faced)
  • Ashta Mukhi(8 faced)
  • Nava Mukhi(9 faced)
  • Dash Mukhi (10 faced)
  • Ekadasha Mukhi(11 faced)
  • Dwadash Mukhi (12 faced)
  • Trayodash Mukhi (13 faced)
  • Chaturdash Mukhi(14 faced)
  • Gauri Shankar Rudraksh(naturally joined)


5 Benefits of Rudraksha highlighted by science

  1. Human body is composed of central nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and other organ systems in the body. Our different perceptions like feeling, thinking, hearing and sight are result of bioelectric current (energy levels) which is again dependent on flow of blood from heart to brain. Now Rudraksha beads act as a stabilizing agent. When placed over heart, they work in accordance with principle of dynamic polarity. Blood circulation and heart beat create a magnetic field in the body. Rudraksha beads acts as magnet and a proportionate balancing force is applied by them on heart in case of very fast or low abnormal heart beats. This paves the way for ideal blood circulation of body stable rate of heart beat.
  2. Some particular Rudraksha beads have certain definitive resistence factor. There is natural flow of bio electrical impulses in the body which when resisted by Rudraksha beads, a particular magnitude of current is generated. This action helps in streamlining the heartbeat and sending specific impulses to brain which induces secretion of positive brain chemicals. All of these actions lead to substantial level of increase in the happiness, poise, calm, energy and confidence.
  3. Rudraksha beads have dielectric properties which means Rudraksha beads can store energy within them. This can be very helpful for stabilization of bio electric energy of our body. This property can be used as cure for hyperactivity, stress, streamlining heartbeat and controlling palpitations. In conditions of stress and hyperactivity, when heart beat increases which leads to increase in energy levels and bio electric current, Rudraksha being dielectric in nature, stores the excess energy and bio electric current in themselves. Thus, heart beat is streamlined and the person feels better and stable.
  4. Scientific research says Rudraksha beads possess magnetic properties. Rudraksha beads contain para magnetic and dia- magnetic. Science says every cell, artery and vein is believed to be charged either positive or negative. Whenever we feel pain,that is because of improper blood circulation. When our body parts come in contact with Rudraksha, arteries and veins tend to expand thus increasing blood circulation. This is the reason Rudraksha beads are used for healing and well being.
  5. Dynamic polarity is ability to change its polarity. Rudraksha is believed to possess Dynamic polarity. Whenever Rudraksha beads comes in contact with an external magnetic field, the polarity of Rudraksha beads changes opposite to that of external one. Blood circulation and heart beat induces a natural magnetic field around our body. A person wearing Rudraksha rosary feels healed and relaxed because Rudraksha attains dynamic polarity in presence of magnetic field induced by bio electric current and heart beat. This polarity is opposite of the induced magnetic field. This results in the widening of arteries leading to a better blood circulation and streamlined heart beat. No wonder a person wearing Rudraksha feels healed, rejuvenated and relaxed. Rudraksha induces far better results in healing in comparison with magnets.

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