Sage and Saints


Maharishi Vashistha: Maharishi Vashistha is one of the saptrishis of ancient India. He was also Rajpurohit of Suryavansh and Guru(teacher) of Lord Rama. He is considered to be the manasputra of Brahma. Arundhati was the wife of Vashistha . His precious possessions include the divine cow Kamdhenu and her child Nandini who could bestow any thing to their owners. He was believed to possess 20 kalas(divine arts) and was an encyclopaedia of entire cosmos and divine spirituality. Vashistha is attributed as the chief author of Mandala 7 of Rig Veda. He is also author of Vashistha Samhita which is a book on Vedic system of elctional astrology. There is a tribe named Arundhatiyas in Andhra Pradesh who were considered to be the descendents of  Arundhati and Vashistha. He was also author to Yog Vashistha.

Maharishi Atri: The majesty of Indian culture has been dotted with saga of ancient sages. Maharishi Atri is one of them. Mata Anusuya was his wife who was also a majestic soul. They had three sons and one daughter named as Soma, Dattatrey and Durvasa, who are believed to be incarnations of the divine trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. The name of daughter was Subhatreyi. He is also considered to be manasputra of Brahma.  Maharishi Atri is known for his credits in the creation of  5th mandala of Rig Veda. Some of the pious and great literary work of his descendents and disciples in ancient Veda include Shaavaashva, Avishtir, Mudgala, Uddaalaki and Shaakalaayani. He has very prominent nexus with the discovery of the divine sound “AUM”. Actually the cosmic sound “AUM” was discovered by three maharishis, namely, Maharishi Atri, Maharishi Gautam and Maharishi Bhardwaj. He has also composed some authentic information of predictions of life cycle of every person born on this earth on sacred palm leaves, which is called Nadi Jyotish or Nadi Astrology.

Maharishi Vishvamitra: If we consider his name, “Vishwa” means universe and “ Mitra” means friend which suggests he was friend of entire universe. He is among one of the saptrishis, but amazingly he was not Brahman or Deva, He was a very mighty king and his actual name was Kaushika. His kingdom was on the bank of river Kausi  and his name was also derived from the name of river. This region is somewhere near todays Bihar- Nepal area and that river is called as Kosi. Accidently, once he had a very severe clash with Maharishi Vashistha and he was defeated against the spiritual and mystical powers of Maharishi Vashistha.  This incident had a profound impact on his mind and soul. This gave birth to his spiritual quest. He decided to go for intense tapas(meditation) in order to get spiritual and divine powers just like Maharishi Vashistha.It is believed that he was the founder of Gayatri Mantra. He is also known for creation of his own version of heaven “ Trisanku heaven”. Although he was full of anger and very short tempered, but he was highly diligent which lead a kshtriya to become Maharishi.

Maharishi Bhardwaja: India has been land of sages and saints. Our ancient culture depicts that we had huge amount of respect and faith in these saints and sages. Maharishi Bhardwaj was a foundling. Hew as found and raised by Marut Devtas on the bank of river Ganga wherein he was taught Vedas. According to Rig Veda, he was son of Brhaspati. He was father of Guru Dronacharya and Grandfather of Ashwatthama.  He was composer of 6th mandala of Rig veda. He had also composed Dharmsutra and Srautasutra. He is believed to be a great Grammarian.

Maharishi Gautama: Maharishi Gautam is on eof the great saptrishis. He is known to be the discoverer of Mantras, i.e Mantra Drashta.He was a prominent Vedic composer and Nyaya Shastra. He was the son of Rahugana. Maharishi Gautam was also believed to be the maternal grandfather of Lord Hanuman. He is also believed to be paternal grandfather of Nachiketas. He was the progenitor of Gautam gotra. Some of his exceptional contributions in vedic literature include Dharm Sutra which is considered oldest law book of world. Devi Bhagwatam also mentions that the river Goidavari is also named after Maharishi Gautama.

Maharishi Jamadagni: Maharishi Jamadagni is one of the saptrishis.  He was father of Parshurama. He was a descedent of sage Bhrigu. Renuka was name of his wife who was very famous for her chastity. You can imagine the level of chastity which gave her power to bring water every day in an unbaked mud pot. However, once her mind was filled with some infatuation for a moment upon watching Gandharvas that lead the pot to dissolve in water after which Maharishi Jamadagni ordered his son Parshurama to behead her. His son obeyed the order, however she was brought back to life by the boon of Maharishi Jamdagni itself. This story depicts only the level of devotion of a child towards his father and purity of love between husband and wife.

Maharishi Kashyapa: Kashyapa was a very powerful and great sage of ancient India.  Maharishi Kashyapa is considered to be the manas putra of Lord Brahma. Kashyapa had 13 wives who were daughters of Prajapati Daksh. Bali and Sugreev are said to be the sons of Kashyapa. The valley of Kashmir also got its name from Maharishi Kashyapa. He is also the author of treatise Kashyap Samhita and Braddha Jivakiya Tantra, which is a key reference on Ayurveda.

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